Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cool World

(The below post was written 12/29/09)

Mick's Music & Bar, one of my favorite spots in the whole world, is closing. Well, not closing, but being sold and changing to a different bar with no music - so the place as I know it will no longer exist.

There's nothing in the world better than sitting at the bar with the glow of the candlelight bouncing warmly off the red walls, my fingers wrapped caressingly around the stem of a glass, sipping my favorite wine of the moment and listening to some undiscovered indie/folk/pop/easy listening/classical genius. This is the way God intended us to listen to music.
No one looks at me as if to say "why is she here alone?" If they do I just give them a look that says "I'm not alone, you're here too". The next thing you know we're sitting together. Those are the kind of people who come to Mick's. It's the kind of experience you tried to have in college (or maybe paid for in therapy) only this time (a) you actually know what you're talking about (b) you're drinking something that actually tastes good and (c) the music is infinitely better. If it's Wednesday night, my favorite, Korey Anderson's smooth, silky, (why in the heck is he not famous? I don't know but lucky me) voice croons in the background and try as I might I can't keep my body from swaying and my voice from ever so quietly joining in.

Add to all of this a cast of characters who, like nuts, cherries, bananas, chocolate chips, and various colored sprinkles on a wierd banana split come in a variety of personalities, professions (or lack thereof), shapes, sizes and colors. Without realizing it you awake to find that you have entered into a live animated Omaha version of the "Cool-World" cartoon.

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