Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday from My Sister

(Originally written 1/27/09, but never posted)

I have added the below post to "The Center of the Universe", my post from my birthday in July 2008. I have often felt the need to defend my going to the bar, I guess because it seems like something that is uncharacteristic of me.

My sister left this world in 2003 and she and I never understood each other. We approached life from completely opposite directions. For me the bar experience was my way of stepping out of my perfectly engineered life and getting a little messy, walking in her shoes and better understanding her choices, of finding the part of myself that I rejected because I didn't like the reflection that I saw in her - my gift of understanding to her and her gift of creativity and of open-mindedness (and open-heartedness to me). I think if she could have given me a birthday present this is exactly what it would have been.

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