Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rants About Movies, TV and Stuff

Below is a very old post, written last year, Valentine's Day 2009.  I don't remember why I didn't publish it. 

So it's Valentine's Day. I'm in no mood. What I am in the mood to say is this...

I hated the movie Nights in Rodanthe. It was drivel. It had, among other things, a bad script and too many shots of Diane Lane's rear end, a cliche of a black character, absolutely no explanation for the main characters falling in love....

I loved The Notebook.

My LEAST favorite movie of all time is Message in a Bottle.

I am still boycotting Angelina Jolie's movies for breaking up Brad and Jenn.

Anne Hathaway was completely miscast as Jane Austen in Becoming Jane. Good actress, bad fit.

Don't even get me started on Keira Knightly. She's way too thin to be attractive.

I am living for the day when they re-make all the most recent Jane Austen movies with more suitable actresses.

I'm happy that Britney Spears is making a comeback. I'm proud of her for suffering through all that public humiliation and pulling herself out of it. Maybe it will make her a better mother.

The Rhianna and Chris Brown incident sounds like Rhianna had PMS and Chris had abusive tendencies and the combination was a chemical fire waiting to combust. Look for Rhiana to set someone's house on fire ala Left Eye from TLC.

Why do good shows like My Own Worst Enemy go off the air, while The Bachelor continues to thrive?

I don't watch The Office. Not that I don't chuckle when I watch it, it's just not the kind of humor I seek.

I also don't watch Lost. I travel too much to become addicted to one more show.

Dancing with the....Stars? Really? Stars? I'm gonna watch this season because I can't wait to see what Lil' Kim does.

My guilty pleasure is America's Next Top Model :-) It's what MTV's "The Real World" used to be.

Desperate Housewives is a bad influence, but I still watch it.

Grey's Anatomy is going down the toilet. The only person left with any sense is Dr. Shepherd.

The "romance" between Dr. Sloan and Little Grey is creepy bordering on criminal. She's way too young for him. Maybe they're trying to draw in the college crowd with that romance. If that's the reason for it, give Lexie and the interns a show of their own and leave the grown-ups alone.

Bringing Addison back is a good idea. Her show is awful. She should return with Taye Diggs and leave the rest of them behind. I think she could become the new Chief of Surgery but let the old Chief stay as her trainer or something. But seriously she and Derrick should no longer have any chemistry. That is so over, it's beginning to play like daytime soap.

Why does Grey's keep trying to make Callie into a lesbian? It isn't working!!!! The show doesn't need lesbians and it looks like it's trying to force the issue. It's distracting, not entertaining.

Now that I think about it, neither Callie nor Bailey seem to have chemistry with men. Here's a thought, why not just let them be good doctors and leave their love lives in the background?

Never ever show Bailey flirting, it doesn't work.

Sloan should have hooked up with the British chick. Then have her turn into his stalker. That could be hilarious...she could blackmail him for a while....etc. Sloan is funny...VERY funny, and having him running from a stalker chick would be soooo karmic.

Alex Karev is funny too. Grey's should use it more.

Christina needs a much, much bigger story line.

That new Dr. Owen is a disaster, there's no way Christina would fall for him. If he's supposed to be House-like I could see it, but he isn't. It's like the writers are too afraid of having him upstage Shepherd to make him as God-like as he needs to be to actually make sense for Christina.

How come when Bailey had all the interns it was like she was the only one who did, but now they all have interns? Focus on one person's interns - give them all to O'Malley- and get rid of the rest.

Magic - Colbie Caillat

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